Manage waste properly – Mavima tells local councils


Kwekwe (New Ziana) – The Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution for Midlands Province, Lawrence Mavima on Friday implored local authorities to come up with operational waste management committees to oversee waste management issues.

Speaking during a clean up campaign at Amaveni Shopping Centre in Kwekwe, Mavima said councils should ensure that there are adequate waste receptacles in vending sites.

“There should be operational waste management committees in these vending areas to oversee waste management issues,” he said.

He urged local authorities to stick to waste collection schedules “so that residents do not resort to illegal dumping when waste is not collected.”

Mavima said as the country works towards meeting the objectives of the National Development Strategy (NDS) 1, the public should take waste separation at source, and recycling seriously.

He said materials like aluminium cans, High Density Polyethylene, Low Density Polyethylene, cardboard and glass are vital resources in the recycling business, and encouraged residents to collect these and sell them to recycling companies.

The government, Mavima said, was committed to promoting maintenance of clean environments that were not harmful to the public.

New Ziana

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