Public officials to be sanctioned for poor performance


Harare (New Ziana) –Public officials who perform poorly in their roles will be sanctioned in the near future under the performance contract system that has been introduced by government, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said.

This follows the release of results of the fist assessment of performance contracts signed by Permanent Secretaries for 2021.

The results showed that at least 17 out of 20 Ministries of the Zimbabwe government met and exceeded set targets for 2021 while 3 failed to meet their targets.

Of the 17, at least 4 Ministries, Finance and Economic Development, Higher and Tertiary Education, Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation, and Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development exceeded their 2021 targets, while 13 unnamed Ministries met all set targets.

The permanent secretaries of the 4 Ministries, George Guvamatanga, Professor Fanuel Tagwira, Dr Thokozile Chitepo, and Dr John Bhasera, respectively as the accounting officers of the Ministries received awards in recognition of their hard work.

Officiating at the event, President Mnangagwa said the performance contract system was ushering Zimbabwe into a nation of limitless opportunities across all sectors.

He said the High Level Tripartite Forum on Public Sector Reforms, comprising the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, the Chairman of the Public Service Commission and the Secretary for Finance and Economic Development, would continue superintending over the implementation and sustainability of performance contracts and other public sector reforms.

“Going forward, the Tripartite Forum should provide timely progress reports to accelerate the formulation and implementation of appropriate and responsive policies. Issues relating to fairness, transparency, confidentiality and objectivity in the implementation of performance contracts, must be enhanced through partnerships with Independent Experts and Consultants,” he said.

“In addition, a Rewards and Sanctions Framework should be speedily set up for greater efficacy in the implementation of Performance Contracts across the public sector. The setting up of Performance Management Committees within all Public Sector entities must also be speeded up.”

President Mnangagwa said improving livelihoods, achieving inclusive and equitable economic growth and sustainable development were key tenets of his administration.

“As the leadership in the public sector, I urge you to always think outside the box by infusing best practices and innovative solutions to propel and sustain our institutions as engines for accelerated industrialisation, modernisation and sustainable economic growth,” he said.

“To this end, it is imperative that as Ministers, Accounting Officers and leaders of your respective organisations, you must demonstrate urgency, flexibility and agility in the manner you resolve issues and implement programmes and projects. I equally exhort you to always think of the ordinary citizens who must benefit from the services of Government.”

He added; “At an individual and institutional level, I challenge you to introspect and ask yourselves whether you are an enabler or a hindrance to the achievement of the Vision of the Second Republic. Appointment and serving at the highest echelons of public offices should never be a licence for self-aggrandisement and the advancement of narrow-sectional interests.”

He said government was aware of the challenges in the public sector which hinder operational efficiencies, and promised sustained efforts to revamp institutions, systems and processes to make them more citizen-centred and results oriented.

Meanwhile, Cabinet Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, Chief executive officers of Local Authorities and parastatals signed performance contracts for 2022.

The development, President Mnangagwa said was also in pursuit of the public sector reform agenda.

He said the performance contract system was also meant to inculcate values of unity, patriotism, loyalty, probity, integrity, high performance, continuous improvement, responsiveness, transparency and accountability.

“This ceremony is indeed an expression of the Second Republic’s determination to wholeheartedly serve and deliver a better quality of life to all the citizenry of this great country,” he said.

“Under my Administration, your performance shall also be adjudged in the domain of the citizenry, who are critical stakeholders of Government as part of the body politic; more so as we continue to implement the Devolution and Decentralisation Policy.”

“Drawing from the Whole of Government Approach, the diverse knowledge base and networks you collectively possess must be utilised to propel the success of our Government. Boundaries and a turf mentality must be eliminated at all cost. Teamwork, collaboration and cooperation will get us farther and faster. Informed by our private sector led economic growth ethos, you must deliberately cultivate and deepen relations with industry and commerce,” President Mnangagwa added.
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