Redcliff revamps infrastructure


Redcliff (New Ziana) – Redcliff town, which has for long suffered from effects of economic challenges, is looking forward to a rosy future anchored on a number of development projects being undertaken, and others planned.

Home to the fallen iron and steel giant Ziscoteel, the town had encountered hard times in recent years, typified by its failure to service a $35 million debt to Kwekwe for water and other supplies.

But, in an interview, Redcliff mayor Clayton Masiyatsva said a number of development projects lined up in the town will bring cheer to residents.

“For the past decades, we have been performing badly under health services but to improve on that area we procured an ambulance, fire tender, skip bin loader and a refuse compactor,” he said.

“The rehabilitation of S Block is currently underway. We are finalizing electrification of S Block which will be completed soon. Very soon residents will see improvements.”

“We have moved our town centre close to Gweru – Harare highway, a move to improve geographic location and enhance chances of luring investors.

“We have started a Smart Cities concept which, all things being equal, by end of this year’s first quarter we must be done with the concept plan. A committee comprising of Redcliff business people and Local Government Ministry representatives will back up the Smart Cities initiative.” Said Masiyatsva.

He said some of the roads are in a bad state, but some had been repaired.

“We hope that through the ZINARA and devolution funds, we will be able to sort our roads this year.
“Townsend and Sally Mugabe roads were resurfaced by road trackers but Links Way, Drive and Orpheas roads are still outstanding.

“Water shortages has been our major problem and we will see how best we can address this issue as a matter of urgency,” he said.

New Ziana

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