Juvenile in court for murder


Harare (New Ziana) – A 17-year-old juvenile from Masvingo is in court facing murder charges, after allegedly drowning her two-year-old baby in a river.

According to court documents from Masvingo High Court, the charge is that on April 1, 2021, at Nyevedzanai Village, Headman Madyangove, Chief in Masvingo the accused unlawfully and intentionally caused the death of Ruvarashe Mazhambe by throwing her and leaving her to drown in Tugwi River.

The accused was 16 years old when she committed the alleged offence, and as a juvenile, her age has a bearing in the matter, according to the state outline.

According to a narration of events leading to the death of the baby, the accused acted in anger after being beaten by her young brother, Desmond, who accused her of being promiscuous.

In anger, she left home intending to commit suicide.

“After the assault by her brother Desmond Mazhambe the accused said she felt hurt physically and emotionally. She decided to commit suicide and left for the nearby Tugwi River. However, as she went away her child, the now deceased, cried out for her. The accused decided to return and took the now deceased with her to Tugwi River, some 1.5 kilometers away.

“It is common cause that upon arrival at Tugwi River the accused threw the now deceased into a deep pool. The accused said she herself failed to muster the courage to drown herself in the same river. She turned back to go home and met her brother 500 meters from the river who had decided to follow her fearing for the worst. Apparently, Desmond Mazhambe had used a different route to Tugwi River and only met the accused on her way from the river. The accused immediately confessed to Desmond Mazhambe that she had thrown the now deceased in a pool in Tugwi river and that it was Desmond Mazhambe’s fault.”

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