Only Zimbabweans can build their country: VP Chiwenga


Staff Writer
MARONDERA- Only Zimbabweans can build their country and for that to happen it is important to have unity of purpose.
That is the message Vice President Retired General Constantino Chiwenga told thousands of Zanu PF party supporters at a recent campaign rally at Rudhaka Stadium in drumming up support for candidates who will represent Zanu PF in Marondera Central and East constituencies and six Marondera Central wards in the forthcoming by-elections slated for March 26.
“Since 2000 when the opposition which had people like Ian Kay in its rank and file formed. They called for the imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe and that has taken a knock on our economy. It was their wish to see the people of this country suffering with the hope that they would revolt against the Zanu PF government but they failed dismally.
“You should not tolerate people who call for your suffering and you should show them by not voting for any opposition candidate for any seat in the coming elections – be it at Parliamentary or ward level. They have shown that they want to champion for their self-serving interests only. This is shown by the deplorable service delivery in the urban areas led by their members,” he said.
VP Chiwenga said the Second Republic was focusing on improving people’s livelihoods and the envisaged economic growth on the multi-pronged strategies outlined in the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS-1).
“We are working towards Vision 2030 which is targeted at making our country an empowered upper-middle economy by 2030. There are programmes and projects being rolled out and they hinge on NDS-1. Treasury has also been availing Devolution Funds to all councils to help them improve service delivery which, in some cases, leaves a lot to be desired especially in urban centers under the stewardship of opposition councillors,” he said.
Major projects being rolled out by the Second Republic also include the rehabilitation of roads infrastructure to ensure that they become trafficable after being damaged by rains.
To date, $1 billion has been released towards the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme 2 (ERRP2) while the District Development Fund (DDF) will get $500 million to channel towards roads rehabilitation exercises.

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