Zim assists citizens in Ukraine to leave


Harare (New Ziana) – The government on Friday advised Zimbabweans in Ukraine to leave the country, a day after Russia attacked it.

Ukraine came under Russian military attack on Thursday.

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Secretary Nick Mangwana said the Zimbabwean embassy in Berlin had registered 256 citizens in Ukraine.

“The Zimbabwean embassy in Berlin advises nationals to leave Ukraine if it is safe to do so and travel to any third country. Representations were made to different embassies to allow safe passage of our nationals. Officers being dispatched to Poland subject to authority being granted, to assist in coordinating those going there,” he said.

“The Embassy can pay for hotels and buy tickets from Berlin. Nationals advised to maintain contact with the embassy so decisions can be made faster,” he added.

“Help will be given when nationals have accessed any of the following third countries-Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova and Russia. Currently there are no flights out of Ukraine so travel has to be by other means. Stay Safe”.

Most of Zimbabweans in Ukraine are thought to be students studying at various universities.

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