President Mnangagwa confident of poll victory


Kwekwe (New-Ziana) – The electorate has been urged to defend the country’s sovereignty by voting for ZANU-PF candidates in the March 26 by-election as the Second Republic continues to implement various economic and development programmes in line with Vision 2030.

Speaking during the Midlands province campaign rally launch at Mbizo Stadium before thousands of party supporters, ZANU PF President and first secretary Emmerson Mnangagwa said he was confident that the ruling party will romp to a landslide victory in the forthcoming by-elections.

“I am confident my dear brothers and comrades in the revolution, I am confident that the forthcoming by-elections on March 26, we would see a landslide victory of ZANU-PF candidates.

“…. 28 parliamentary national assembly seats, the majority of those seats or over two thirds OF those seats are MDC seats we want to wrestle seats from MDC. There are 118 local government vacancies, again we want to wrestle the majority of those council seats to ZANU-PF pocket,” said President Mnangagwa .

President Mnangagwa said the power is with the people, as the leaders are the servants of the people,

He urged the party leadership to mobilize and have new party members and galvanize people and give them new hope found in the Second Republic, every level, preach gospel of prosperity, peace, respect, love and harmony.

The ZANU-PF first secretary was happy with the overwhelming support shown by party members in all the campaign rallies which have been held in different provinces.

He said this was clear demonstration that the party was still “alive” and that the party was bigger than individuals.

President Mnangagwa paid tribute to returnees who rejoined ZANU-PF and openly confessed that it was “cold outside ZANU-PF and one can only find warmth from a mother, which is ZANU-PF which liberated this country”.

He urged party leaders in all party structures to welcome all the returnees and work with them in harmony for the development of the country.

President Mnangagwa then introduced all the aspiring candidates for the House of Assembly and local government by-elections set for Marh 26.

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