ED takes dig at Chamisa, Biti


Kwekwe (New Ziana)– President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Saturday took a swipe at the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) principals for their undemocratic utterances which threatened the country’s peace and security.

Speaking at the launch of the Midlands March 26 by-election campaign rally at Mbizo stadium, he said the Second Republic will never be moved by such empty threats, and will forge ahead in building the country.

“For the nation to develop, it needs peace, unity and togetherness. We in ZANU-PF, we are peace loving. We cherish unity, we are against violence. Our DNA in ZANU PF is togetherness, love, peace, and harmony in the country.

“We are not like other parties, just recently I saw a young man (Nelson Chamisa) addressing his supporters telling them that if they lose next year’s election and fail to get into State House, they will unleash violence, and I said he has failed to say any anything meaningful. Democracy says you must not disturb want the majority want.

“So Its undemocratic to be violent against democracy.

“Despite these empty threats, we will continue to focus on building our nation brick upon brick, stone upon stone….this is how we build our nation,” said President Mnangagwa.

He said despite illegal sanctions imposed on the country by the West, the land reform programme is irreversible.

President Mnangagwa said those who are against the land reform programme were enemies of the nation, saying the land and people are inseparable.

“I heard Biti telling people that if they (CCC) get into power, they will retain farms to the whites. Nothing like that will happen…. we took the land and it will never be taken back again,” said the ZANU PF first secretary.

He said the Second Republic will continue to develop the country while detractors are “putting their head in the sand”.

Speaking at the same gathering, former MDC Member of Parliament for Kwekwe Central Blessing Chebundo said they decided to rejoin ZANU-PF after realizing that there was no future in the opposition party.

“We realized that there is need for unity of purpose to develop Zimbabwe under the revolutionary party. We accepted the invitation so that we come and build the nation. We were in the opposition for the sake of opposing. We saw attractive policies in the New Dispensation while we were in the opposition because in the past three years we have seen stability in the country,” said Chebundo.

He took a swipe at CCC describing it as a party without values, ideology, structures and principles for democracy.

“If you Zimbabweans make a mistake of giving power to such people, you end up with a dictator of unprecedented levels, you have to be careful of what you do,” said Chebundo.

He accused CCC of being a violent party bent on destabilizing the country.

Vice President and Health Minister Dr. Constatino Chiwenga called for unity of purpose in building the nation guided by Vision 2030.

“Most companies are performing extremely well, people are getting jobs and their lives have been transformed for the better. This is happening due to peace prevailing in the country. I heard people denouncing CCC, it cannot do anything, we will crush it….

“Its not worth it, you heard Chebundo telling you that you cannot just oppose for the sake of opposing, you can’t oppose every time. Even the best thing to be done in a country you oppose, in your capacity as who.

“We are big as Goalith and we will see him when time comes,” said the ZANU PF second secretary.

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