Zim speaks on its UNSG Ukraine vote


By Sharon Tawuya

Harare (New Ziana)-Zimbabwe believes that it is the duty of the international community not to make the Ukraine situation more complex than it already is, acting Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Prof Amon Murwira said on Tuesday.

His comments come in the wake of a vote in the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday on the crisis in which the US and its allies sought to have the UN blame and condemn Russia for the ongoing war in the east European country.

Zimbabwe was among 35 countries that abstained from voting against Russia when the UN General Assembly put the Ukraine crisis for a vote.

Prof Murwira told journalists that Zimbabwe abstained from voting because of the complex nature of the Ukraine situation.

“The situation in Ukraine is a very complex one and is deeply rooted in the history and geopolitics of that region. The international community must tirelessly work towards the facilitation of dialogue aimed at finding a durable solution to the situation.

“Zimbabwe is not convinced that the resolution adopted yesterday (Wednesday) points in the direction of dialogue. On the contrary, it poured more fuel to the fire, thus further complicating the situation,” he said.

Commenting on sanctions imposed on Russia in the aftermath of the Ukraine war, Prof Murwira said Zimbabwe did not support the imposition of unilateral sanctions of any kind on any UN member state, as this is contrary to the United Nations charter.

“Unilateral sanctions have never worked to resolve any situation. On the contrary, sanctions unleash untold humanitarian crisis and human suffering of the ordinary people. Zimbabweans have been victims of unilateral sanctions for over 20 years and would not wish this on anyone. Dialogue is the way forward,” he said.

Zimbabwe, therefore, commends the Russian Federation and Ukraine for initiating dialogue and urge them to intensify their efforts towards finding a durable solution to the conflict taking into account the security interests of both parties.

“It is for this reason that Zimbabwe abstained in the vote on the resolution on Ukraine in the UN General Assembly on 2 March 2022,” said Prof Murwira.

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