Corporates urged to take part in waste management


Gweru (New Ziana)- The Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution in Midlands, SLarry Mavima has urged the corporate world to play a part in waste management by placing waste management infrastructure in their areas of operation.

Speaking during the Midlands Province monthly Presidential clean up campaign, Mavima noted that only a handful of corporates had played a part by providing bins in strategic areas in the Gweru Central Business District.

The minister said it was saddening to note that some residents continue to throw litter in undesignated areas especially at bus stops and vending sites.

“Some residents have a tendency of throwing litter along sanitary lanes, drainages and street corners which is a cause for concern,” he said.

“We have been clearing illegal dumps on a monthly basis during clean-ups but some unruly residents go back and dump waste in the cleaned areas.”

Mavima said local authorities should therefore, enforce by-laws and bring those litter bugs to book.

He said the government was taking waste management issues as an area of priority, which is spelt out in the National Development Strategy 1.

The Environmental Management Agency, he said, was working closely with local authorities across Midlands in raising awareness on solid waste management as well as prosecuting those found on the wrong side of the law.

“Shop owners and public transporters have also been engaged on the provision of waste management infrastructure for use by the public.

“Residents should also take it upon themselves to ensure that their environment is always kept clean. This involves separating waste at source and recovering recyclable material while biodegradable materials are composted.”

He said the public should play its part through recycling initiatives.

“There are a lot of materials that are thrown away that are key in the recycling business for example aluminium cans, plastics, cardboard and PET.

“There are recycling companies that are in serious need of these materials. In Gweru alone, we have 10 recycling companies at our disposal.”

The minister said he had seen a number of vendors selling different items.

“It is my plea to the vending community that they should always strive for cleanliness in their areas of operation.

“Vendors should also form waste management committees who will oversee waste management issues in vending sites,” he said.

The minister said one of Mkoba’s oldest shopping centres, Mkoba 6, which is popularly known as Muyambo is set to undergo sprucing up so that it goes in the class of the recently commissioned Kudzanayi Bus Terminus.

Mavima said vendors play a part in the economy and there was need to improve their workspace.

ZANU PF March 26 by-elections Mkoba Constituency aspiring legislator William Gondo, who also attended the clean up campaign, urged Mkoba residents to play their part in always keeping their suburb clean.A number of stakeholders who included government departments, Gweru City Council, the corporate world, schools and politicians took part in the provincial clean-up campaign.

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