Coventry to grace Nyabinde’s birthday bash


Kwekwe (New Ziana) – The Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Kirsty Coventry is expected to attend Bob Nyabinde’s birthday function at Golden Mile Hotel in Kwekwe on Saturday, officials have said.

About 20 musical groups are expected to perform at the birthday bash at The Lit in Kwekwe.

Nyabinde turns 67 on March 10.

During his heydays, Nyabinde groomed and nurtured a lot of Jazz artists in the country.

Affectionately known as ‘The Headmaster of Jazz’ in the entertainment sector, Nyapinde was diognized with diabetes, which resulted in the loss of his eye sight. He recently also suffered a stroke.

Nevertheless, Kwekwe artists have teamed up to honour their living legend.

This initiative was applauded by provincial heads at the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation as well the Nyabinde family.

Some of the artists who are billed to perform at the birthday bash include Victor Kunonga, Selmor Mtukudzi and many other top artists who play different genres.

“This initiative is a thing which we commend, it is an initiative by artists in Kwekwe. It will be a continuous process as we are targeting more than 20 legends in our province who we think we can support and promote,” said Shukson Reward, the Arts and Culture Development and Promotions Officer for the Midlands province.

“So, in our work plan, each and every district must come with a legend which we are going to support. So, I want to commend the initiative by Kwekwe artists, NACZ and also efforts by the Youth Ministry. If we keep on doing this even upcoming artists will respect their careers in the entertainment industry, as something which can give them a life. They should also take arts seriously as an industry,” he said.

NACZ Provincial Arts Manager for Midlands Province, Farai Kupfavira said: “This initiative to celebrate achievements done by Bob Nyabinde, whilst still alive, is a good move which was brought about by Kwekwe artists. It is our mandate as NACZ to promote, support and develop the Creative Cultural Industry practitioners.

“Most of the times, we celebrate our artists when they are dead. So, I believe this is the first of its kind to appreciate our practitioners while still alive. We all know that Bob Nyabinde was diognized with diabetes which led to him losing his eyesight and he recently suffered a stroke. This celebratory bash is also a fundraiser for his upkeep and his band.”

Nyaradzo Tabe Ndhlovu, who is responsible for promotion and development for Kwekwe District in the Youth Ministry, said legends need to be supported and recognized after they retire or leave the podium.

“For arts and culture industry, we have to see that our artists are developed and also see that our legends are recognized and supported after they retire or leave the podium .

“The point here is just recognizing his works of promoting the entertainment industry and what he did to us as a nation. We do not want to celebrate our legends when they had passed on. He was an employer and he contributed to the economic turnaround of the country. We can borrow from him many things,” said Ndhlovu.

Family representative Albert Nyabinde had this to say: “We will be there in full force. It is an honour to have people acknowledge the contribution made by the Headmaster. Thank you very much to everyone who is taking part. We are truly humbled.”
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