Green Fuel to generate more power


Mutare (New Ziana) – Green Fuel, one of the country’s biggest agro-businesses, is expanding its power generation from its cane processing in Chisumbanje to 32 megawatts, Acting President Constatino Chiwengwa has said.

The company, which produces ethanol derived from sugar cane, has embarked on a massive expansion project which will see it increasing output to 220 million litres per year.

Acting President Chiwenga said the expansion project had the full blessing of the government, and was expected to create thousands of direct and indirect jobs, mainly for the youths.

“We have Green Fuel expansion phase in Chisumbanje which is expected to produce 32 megawatts of electricity to be fed in the national grid. The project will see the expansition of sugar cane fields to 24 000 hectares and this will produce 220 million litres of ethanol a year,” he said.

“This is our manna. We should not dream of manna from heaven but we should brace ourselves to work hard so that this project becomes a success.”

Greenfield Fuel, a joint venture between private investors and a government agency, is the country’s sole producer of ethanol used to blend with fuel to lessen the cost.

Currently, it has a production capacity of 120 million litres a year, which will double after the expansion project is completed.

It also currently generates 18 megawatts of electricity, which is fed into the national grid. This will increase to 32 megawatts after the expansion.

Acting President Chiwenga said government had shifted from the policy of establishing industries in urban areas, instead promoting these in areas where raw materials and resources occurred, even in rural areas.

This, he said, was to promote development in every corner of the country, ensuring no region was left behind undeveloped.

“We want to shift from the culture of establishing industries in urban areas. We want to set up industries in rural areas where (the) raw material is being produced like what we did in Mutoko and Mwenezi where we established an Amarula factory for our youths.

“We also have an Allied Timbers Cashel Saw milling plant to enhance work of those who are into timber production in Chimanimani. Instead of establishing such companies in Mutare, we are saying no, no, no lets have them where raw materials are being produced for the benefit of local communities and youths,” said Acting Chiwengwa.

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