EMA penalize vehicles without hazardous substances licences


Gweru (New Ziana)– The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has issued out to tickets to vehicles that transport hazardous substances without licences through a blitz which was carried out along the Gweru- Harare and Gweru Bulawayo highways.

The environment watchdog also issued out tickets to vehicles that emit exhaust smoke and those without litter bins during the Environmental Compliance Roadblocks.

EMA Environmental Education and Publicity Officer Midlands, Oswald Ndlovu said a total of 40 vehicles transporting hazardous substances were inspected and five were found without licences resulting in the issue of tickets.

“Hazardous substances transportation inspections were also carried out and those found without licences while carrying hazardous substances were penalized according to Statutory Instrument 268 of 2018, 10(1) which states that no person shall transport any consignment of hazardous substances by any means in Zimbabwe except under the terms of a licence issued by the EMA,” he said.
During the vehicle emissions test, diesel powered vehicles were tested using the OPA 100 opacimeter and the values expressed as percentage opacity. 

“Vehicles emitting exhaust smoke of more than 50% opacity were considered to have failed to comply with the emissions regulations and requirements cited in section 68 of the Environmental Management Act [CAP 20:27] and were penalized for causing air pollution,” said Ndlovu.

During the blitz, 168 vehicle emission inspections were done and 131 vehicles passed the emissions test while 37 failed. Drivers whose vehicles failed the tests were issued with tickets.

“At the same roadblocks, public transport vehicles were inspected for solid waste receptacles and those found without bins in their vehicles were issued with tickets as stipulated in section 23(3) of SI 6 of 2007,” said the EMA provincial spokesperson.

Out of 28 vehicles that were inspected, only three did not have bins.

Ndlovu urged companies that handle and transport hazardous substances such as fuel, liquefied petroleum gas, coal and mining chemicals to acquire relevant licences from EMA. 

“Those who operate public transport conveyances should also have litter bins in their vehicles. Passengers should desist from throwing litter through the windows of motor vehicles as this is a punishable offence,” he said.

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