Police warn motorists over unregistered vehicles


Harare (New- Ziana) – Police on Tuesday warned motorists continuing driving unregistered vehicles, despite warnings to stop, that they faced arrest and harsher penalties.

Such vehicles are commonly used by criminals, forcing police in January to launch a crackdown on such cars.

In a statement, police spokesperson Paul Nyathi said since January 15, 43 108 unregistered vehicles have been impounded throughout the country.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police is concerned by the conduct of some motorists or vehicle owners who are driving posh and lavish vehicles on the roads and parking them in public places whilst clearly not displaying number plates. This conduct is also being exhibited by some prominent persons and political figures,” he said.

Nyathi said no excuses would be entertained by the police on road blocks and checkpoints.

“The police remind motorists that it is a legal requirement for all vehicles on the roads and public places to be registered in order to curb cases of criminals who are taking advantage to commit robbery, murder, rape, hit and road traffic accidents and other cases,” he said.

He said the operation targeting vehicles which are moving on the country’s roads without displaying registration plates or being registered is continuing.

New Ziana

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