Gweru improves water supplies


Gweru (New Ziana) – The commissioning of a $5.8 million electricity transformer at Gweru’s Gwenoro Water treatment plant is set to ease water challenges in the city, senior municipal officials have said.

Gweru City Council finance committee chairperson Martin Chivhoko said the transformer will power high lift pumps at the water works.

“The transformer has already been delivered to Gweru and it only awaits commissioning. The transformer was purchased at $5,8 million and it awaits commissioning by ZESA. Commissioning is the installation of the transformer,” he said.

He said there are four low lift pumps which were installed at Amapongokwe and three high lift pumps which will be used to pump water from the water treatment plant.

“The challenge is that the transformer has not been commissioned. The high lift pumps need a transformer and once commissioned, the water situation is going to improve,” Chivhoko said.
He said council had since repaid government a loan council had obtained to purchase the pumps when the Gweru water crisis became serious.

Gweru audit committee chairperson, Albert Chirau said the pumps were purchased using money paid as pump levy a couple of years ago by residents.

Residents were required to pay US$20 each and Chirau said about half of the residents had paid raising close to half a million United States dollars.

Chirau said the money raised was used to buy a pump which was later installed at Gwenoro water treatment plant.

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