Son catches mom in bed with neighbour, attempts suicide


Shurugwi (New Ziana) – A 22-year-old Shurugwi man attempted suicide after allegedly finding his mother in bed with a neighbour while the father was away on night duty at work.

The man, Kudakwashe Mwondero of Sebanga Extension, is now recovering at Shurugwi General Hospital after he took a poisonous substance in an attempt to kill himself.

His father was on night duty at Unki Mine.

Mwondero said he allegedly found his mother and an unnamed neighbour in bed at their house around mid-night on Saturday.

“I walked into my mother’s bedroom after hearing voices. I thought my father was back from work and I wanted to check if everything was alright since he was on night duty at work. I was concerned on why he was back home early,” he said.

“The pain of being the one to tell my father about the issue was unbearable and facing that man (neighbour) again was very difficult for me, even the position I found them on, I could not erase the picture from my mind, this is the reason why I wanted to take my own life,” said Kudakwashe on his hospital bed.

The mother, Susan Chidawushe found his son choking after taking a poisonous substance and rushed him to Shurugwi General Hospital where he is still detained.

“When my son entered the room, he did not say anything, he just looked at us and left the room. I followed him so that we could talk only to find him on the floor, foaming in the mouth. I noticed a bottle of thinners next to him so I rushed to the kitchen, got fresh milk and gave it to him before rushing him to the hospital,” said Chidawushe.

“The nurses told us they have to keep him for a few days monitoring him and making sure that his system is clean from the poison. I feel ashamed of my self but thank God my son is out of danger,” she said.
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