Police Comm General warns travellers, motorists


Harare (New Ziana)-The Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga on Thursday warned travellers and drivers against being overexcited on the roads during the Easter and Independence Day holidays.

In a statement, Commissioner General Matanga said adequate personnel had been deployed to conduct patrols, stop and searches, blitz, road blocks and surveillance on criminal movements during the holidays.

“My office has directed all Officer Commanding Provinces to ensure that law and order prevails as the country commemorates the Easter holiday and 42 years of the nation’s Independence anniversary,” he said.

“Travelers are implored to be alert and avoid being overexcited, especially motorists on the roads. Drivers should set a good example by exhibiting a conduct which promotes road safety at all times.”

Matanga urged motorists to avoid overtaking in situations which are not safe to do so, or speeding, as it contributes to the road carnage normally experienced during holidays.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police will certainly impound all unroadworthy vehicles and arrest all drivers who will be under the influence of alcohol.

“Public service vehicles should carry the load which is commensurate with their capacity and ensure vehicles are road worthy to travel from one point to another,” he said.

He said the Police would be on high alert to account for robbery suspects and others who commit criminal acts while taking advantage of the holidays.

“In the same vein, business people and individuals are urged to avoid keeping or carrying large sums of money as this will end up attracting criminals.

“Parents and guardians are advised to ensure that children are safe and monitored during the holiday to curb cases of drowning, child abuse and other related offences where criminals normally target minors,” he said.

Meanwhile, Matanga implored the public to continue observing and complying with the Government’s revised Covid-19 safety measures and protocols.

“The Police will therefore continue to enforce the regulations which govern the wearing of face masks, social distancing and sanitization,” he said.

“We urge the public to cooperate with Police officers to ensure a conducive environment exists for various social and economic activities during this key period on the country’s calendar,” he added.

Holidays in Zimbabwe are usually characterised by carnage on the roads with most of the accidents attributed to human error particularly speeding, overloading and driving under the influence of alcohol.

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