Zim rolls out free primary education


Bulawayo (New Ziana) – The first phase of the government’s planned free primary school education will start next year, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said on Monday.

Addressing celebrations here to mark the country’s 42nd independence anniversary, he said the move is part of the government’s broader plans to overhaul the country’s education system, and narrow the gap between rural and urban schools.

The ambitious plans also include putting greater emphasis in schools on science and information communication technology, and construction of more educational facilities.

” Given that the level of development of a nation is dependent on the teaching and adoption of science, technology and innovation; resources will continue to be channelled towards expanding the availability of science related infrastructure throughout all schools in the country.

“This will be complemented by the construction of Government Boarding schools in each district,” he said.

“Furthermore, the Schools Financing Policy will see the equalisation of opportunities for a higher quality of education for all learners throughout the country.

” A phased free primary education system will also be effected from 2023, ” he said.

Already, the Government is sponsoring the education for children from disadvantaged backgrounds under the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM).

In 2021 alone, BEAm supported 1 million learners in both primary and secondary school levels.

New Ziana

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