Whiz kid seeks varsity funding

Mberengwa (New Ziana) -A former “A” Level student at Chegato High School
in Mberengwa, in the Midlands province, nearly 400 kilometres south of the
capital, who scored 20 points in the 2021 November examinations, is
hoping for sponsorship in order to proceed to university.

Misheck Maposa, the whiz kid, scored straight As in Pure Mathematics,
Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

His mother, Angeline Mhondwa, would like him to be the first in
their family to attend university and break the cycle of generational

“I am both happy and afraid at the same time. I am happy that he
excelled as he has always done and also afraid that he may fail to
proceed to university, as his father and I are unable to raise his fees,”
she said.

“That is why I am making this financial appeal or even a scholarship to
help him get into university.”

The Government, through the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM),
has been paying Misheck’s fees in primary school.

Misheck is not a stranger to academic excellence as in Grade 7 he achieved four
Units and at “O” Level he scored 13 As.

New Ziana

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