Police ready to deal with armed robbers


Harare April 28, 2022 (New Ziana) –THE Zimbabwe Republic Police is up to
the task in dealing with armed robberies which have become rife,
as evidenced by the arrests made in the past few months, an official has said.

National police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, said
over the past four months the police had arrested a number of armed
robbers, some of them during shootouts, as well as recovered large sums
of United States dollars, weapons, and other valuable items.

“The police are up to the task and we will keep accounting for the
criminals,” he said.

“The arrests we have made in the past four months show that the game is
up for the robbers and we will continue bring them to book.”

Nyathi said the police was having issues with individuals who were
fuelling armed robberies by keeping large amounts of cash at homes and
in offices.

“In most cases people are being targeted after information is leaked by
workers or relatives who have knowledge of the movements of
cash,” he said.

“We urge companies and individuals to bank their monies and only keep a
little which they want to use.”

According to Nyathi, the country was recording six robberies a day
with at least 849 alleged robbers being arrested in 2021 while quite a
number were killed in shootouts with detectives.

After investigations into some of the robberies, employees from
companies were found involved and had passed on information about the movement
of cash.

The most notable case was the January 2021 US$2.7 million heist at Gwebi River along
the Harare-Chinhoyi Road involving three ZB Bank security guards
who connived with six armed robbers to steal the cash, which was in
transit to various ZB Bank branches.

In his Unity Day message last year, President Emmerson Mnangagwa warned
armed robbers that the net was fast closing in on them.

“Lately, we have witnessed an upsurge in gun-related crimes. There is a
clear upsurge in the abuse of firearms, including violent armed

“The Government now treats this as a grave threat to personal and
national security. Decisive measures have now become necessary to put an
end to this growing menace that threatens our otherwise peaceful,
law-abiding nation and citizenry. Those who dabble in arms will soon
fall by the sword. Let them be warned,” said the President.

There was a public outcry last year after it emerged that some of the
high profile robberies were being committed by members of the security

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