ED gives Youth League marching orders

Harare (New Ziana) – President Emerson Mnangagwa on Friday declared “all systems go” for the ruling party’s organs to commence massive mobilisation programmes to canvass support for Zanu PF in order to ensure a “crushing victory” in next year’s harmonised general elections.

He said this at the closing of the 7th National Youth League elective conference where a new executive led by deputy secretary for youth affairs John Paradza was elected.

The Youth League was meeting in Harare to elect a new executive, from deputy secretary and below, which will lead the youth wing for the next five years.

President Emerson Mnangagwa in his capacity as the party’s First Secretary will choose the Secretary for Youth Affairs in due course.

Boldly declaring that Zanu PF was here to stay, President Mnangagwa tasked the new Zanu PF Youth League leadership with canvassing the youth demographic to register and vote for the ruling party in 2023.

“Now that your new leadership has been elected, it is my expectation that the national youth league has now been re-energised, renewed and galvanised towards the membership growth of the party and an overwhelming victory in the 2023 harmonised general elections. As members of the youth league you must make the party attractive for other young people to come aboard the unstoppable revolutionary party train,” he said.

“We must begin now to win the 2023 harmonised elections. It is all systems go in our party’s mobilisation drive. Let us never leave anything to chance, we should not fall asleep, or procrastinate in everything we do. Let us have a greater sense of urgency across all wings of the party.”

President Mnangagwa added: “I challenge you to develop and implement precise, realistic and scientific mobilisation strategies. Technology driven solutions and platforms should now characterise the day-to-day programmes of the Youth League.

“The new Youth League leadership has the immediate responsibility to mobilise youths in every district, ward and province to support our revolutionary party as well as to register to vote Zanu PF in next year’s elections.”

President Mnangagwa encouraged the youths to demonstrate unflinching faith in the party and party leadership.

“I urge you to refuse to be owned by individuals. Do not belong to any cliques for political expedience. Don’t accept to be pocketed by any individual. Always remain patriotic, remain loyal, and remain disciplined as members of Zanu PF, the party is bigger than any of us here,” he said.

“I recommend that the new executive should discuss with comrade (Munyaradzi) Machacha, who is the principal of the Chitepo School of Ideology, so that a programme is arranged for you to study the ideology of the party.”

On the economic front, President Mnangagwa tasked the youths with helping move forward the country’s development agenda.

He said youths should exploit massive opportunities being availed by the Government in various economic sectors such as mining, and agriculture.

“Your task as the youth is to accelerate the economic development, growth and prosperity of our country anchored by innovative and contemporary heritage based strategies,” he said.

“Equally, our national vision of a prosperous, empowered society must be propelled through the successive efforts of the youth of our great motherland, Zimbabwe. The party has always cared for, trusted and valued young people and placed great appreciation and expectations on them.

“The Youth League must therefore remain steadfast in the knowledge that the party believes that young people are the future and the hope of our country. You are a vital cog in the cause of our people and nation. Under the Second Republic, rest assured that you have a brighter future and you will realise your full potential, which we will create for you. As Zanu PF, we have all the confidence in you, our young people. I therefore call upon you to aim high, never be mediocre; the party will support you to achieve great exploits not just as the Youth League, but as young people of our great country, Zimbabwe.”

Going forward, President Mnangagwa urged the new youth leadership to ensure continued unity within the league and the party at large.

“Stay committed to what is right, what is ethical and what is morally acceptable,” he said.
New Ziana

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