Politicians accused of discouraging voters


Harare (New Ziana)- POLITICIANS should stop accusing the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission(ZEC) for non-existing issues, which are out of its control when they are the ones fuelling lack of public confidence in ZEC, an official saidon Monday.

Speaking at the Youth Voter Registration and Participation in a Peaceful Electoral processes in Zimbabwe, ZEC spokesperson Jasper Magwana, addressed different youths from major political parties in Zimbabwe.

Magwana said that politicians should stop fuelling voter apathy. They were also the major reason why manyyouths were not registering to vote.

“There is lot of voter apathy. I will tell you this because you are the same people who want to be voted for; one day you go to the same constituency and say vote for me and then you go back to that same constituency and say your votes have been rigged. Do you think that young people will take you seriously?” he asked.

He urged youth leaders to understand the electoral procedures in Zimbabwe since a lot of them have been polling agents;hence, they should stop deceiving voters and potential voters for political gains.

“Most of the youths here have been poling agents. You know the procedures that are done so stop discouraging voters or potential voters,” he said.

He also urged the youth leaders to stop blaming ZEC for errors in the electoral rules in Zimbabwe, as ZEC does not make electoral laws. Parliament, he said, makes the electoral laws.

“ZEC does not make electoral processes in Zimbabwe. It is you the parliamentarians and politicians who make the processes in Parliament. So, if there is a problem go back to Parliament and amend those electoral rules rather than accusing ZEC,” he said.

Mangwana also encouraged the youths to set aside their political differences andcome up with ideas that help the nation.
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