City Council buys 10 garbage trucks


Harare (New- Ziana) – Harare City Council has bought 10 garbage trucks and residents should expect improved service delivery and litter-free neighborhoods, said an official on Wednesday.

Posting on their twitter page City Council said that they were resourcing the garbage collection activities, more garbage trucks have been paid for and residents should expect improved service delivery.

City Council spokesperson, Micheal Chideme, said: “We have bought 10 more garbage trucks; they are being delivered and should be deployed once all logistics to do with insurance are cleared.”

“The vehicles will indeed increase our fleet and coverage in terms of collection,” he explained.

There has been an outcry throughout the city over failure by the city council to collect refuse on time, with council attributing this to lack of equipment.

Failure to collect refuse by the City Council has led to an increase in illegal dumpsites as residents resorted to dumping waste on wetlands and open spaces to avoid it piling in their backyards.

High-density suburbs are particularly badly hit, first because that is where most people live and secondly because people staying there cannot afford to hire private firms that have shouldered much of the load in the more affluent suburbs.

The failure by Harare City Council to collect refuse timeously is exposing the lives of residents to risk of contracting diseases related to unclean environment, especially among young children who play in the streets.

Most suburbs in Harare have gone for weeks and months without collection of refuse. In some parts of the city, the last collections were in 2021.

New Ziana

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