Three minors kill girl (7)


Minion Guyo
ZHOMBE – In a heart-wrenching and hard-to-believe incident, three juveniles aged nine, 10 and 11 years are alleged to have teamed up and brutally assaulted to death a seven-year-old girl after she refused to close a gate to prevent cattle from entering their homestead.
The deceased girl was allegedly assaulted to death with sjamboks, sticks and a metal object by the three accused juveniles in a bushy area in Zhombe last week.
The minors, who cannot be named because of their ages were taken in for questioning by the police and later released into the custody of their grandmother.
Zimbabwe Republic Police national spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed police is investigating the murder case which took place around at Nsundu Village in Zhombe on May 2.
He said the girl was sent to close the gate to avoid cattle from entering the yard and she refused. The three juveniles then took her to a bush 25 metres away for the homestead were they assaulted her.
“She was flocked with sticks and sjamboks and the other boy picked up a metal object and hit the girl on top of the right side ear and was rendered unconscious,” he said.
When the girl’s grandmother returned from Joel Business Centre, she asked the three juveniles the whereabouts of the seven-year-old girl and was not given a satisfactory answer. After she further threatened them, the juveniles then led her to the bush where she was shocked to see the seven-year-old girl dead.
A report was made to the police and three accused juveniles were taken to the police station and were later released in the custody of their grandmother.

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