African solutions for African problems: ED


Harare (New Ziana) – Africa reserves the right to chart its own course to achieve its development agenda and has capacity to deal with its internal problems without undue outside interference, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said.

He said this in his Africa Day message.

Africa Day is being celebrated across the continent on Wednesday in honour of the founding of the Organisation of African Unity now African Union.

President Mnangagwa said it was important to anchor Africa’s socio-economic and political development trajectory on the adage “African solutions for African problems.”

“Injustices and all superiority complexes under any pretext whatsoever have no place in the world today. We thus continue to advocate for equality, dignity and the inalienable right to chart our own socio-economic developmental path as enshrined in the United Nations charter,” he said.

“The principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of our countries must be respected. As the people of this great African continent we must enjoy the rights guaranteed to each and every citizen of the world.”

President Mnangagwa said the establishment of new institutions and the strengthening of existing ones would help Africa fend off outside interference.

For example, he said institutions such as the Africa Centres for Disease Control and the African Medicines Agency were critical in helping Africa build its own capacities.

“African institutions must be persistently strengthened in the wake of present challenges, threats, opportunities and other global shocks. The ongoing establishment and strengthening of African institutions to handle African problems is commendable and a declaration of unwavering unity and solidarity,” he said.

President Mnangagwa also condemned the subtle and brute practice of racism, and called for an end of racial prejudices.

He said Zimbabwe was committed to playing its part in the world order to eliminate all forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related injustices.

President Mnangagwa said the accelerated realisation of the vision for a modern, industrialised and prosperous African society as espoused by the AU Agenda 2063, would help Africa effectively play its part within the comity of nations.

But, he said, Africa’s aspirations could only be achieved in unity.

“In unity and singleness of purpose let us draw from our collective traits as an African people confident that we are a knowledgeable, competent and industrious people capable of achieving great exploits.

“We can build and undertake everything for the growth and prosperity of our countries, cities, industries, mines and agriculture. We are well able and entitled to own and control the rich natural resource endowments in our countries for a higher quality of life of the peoples of our continent and building the Africa we all want,” he said.

In light of the global food supply challenges emanating from climate change and other emerging challenges, President Mnangagwa said it was imperative for Africa to increase agricultural productivity while also upscaling the value addition of farm produce.

“We must produce what we eat.”

On the peace and security front, President Mnangagwa said it was worrisome that terrorism and conflict remained alive on the continent.

As such, he said mechanisms and early warning systems to avert the eruption of violent conflicts must be urgently pursued.

“The consolidation and entrenchment of the culture of democracy, good governance, justice and equality bequeathed
to us by our founding fathers must remain the priority of all governments. Zimbabwe will continue playing its part for the realisation of peace, security and stability on our continent,” he said.
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