City of Harare urges use of bicycles to reduce traffic congestion


Harare (New Ziana) -As the City of Harare grapples with the problem of traffic congestion and impassable roads, it has turned to promoting the use of bicycles as a solution.

To that end , the City will be using commemorations for World Bike Day to promote cycling as an alternative mode of transport.

World Bike Day is commemorated on the 3rd of June every year.

In a statement, acting City Planner Judith Mujegu said they had moved the date for the commemorations to Saturday, the 4th of June, to allow more residents to participate.

“The City of Harare has chosen to commemorate this Day on the 4th of June to give many residents an opportunity to participate, since it will be a weekend,” she said.

Majegu said Harare had a road network covering approximately 5000 km, but only 224 km had proper cycle tracks and access lanes.

She said the City recognised that travelling by motorised transport was expensive, just as it was to maintain roads and relevant
infrastructure, hence the need to promote cycling among residents.

“As a city, we recognise that cycling can go a long way in improving mobility for the travelling public. Above all, bicycles are cheap to run compared to cars,” she said.

“Cycling is also good for health, and it stands to be the alternative mode of transport for the future.

The increase in vehicle pollution, mostly second hand cars from Japan, has presented a headache to the City of Harare, which has tried many solutions, including turning some roads into One-Way.
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