Zanu PF rolls out robust voter mobilisation


Harare (New Ziana) – The ruling Zanu PF party will soon commence a scientific assessment of its membership database to get an idea of the numbers that will translate into actual votes for the party as it steps up preparations for the 2023 general elections.

Addressing the party’s politburo meeting on Wednesday, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said robust voter mobilisation would carry the day for the ruling party.

“Although the voter registration exercise is still ongoing, I expect each province of the party to have a preliminary scientific process of determining how many of those will account for the Zanu PF vote. This must go beyond sloganeering and translate to strategy,” he said.

“In light of this, the Politburo along with the Central Committee, PCCs (Provincial Coordinating Committees) and Provincial Executive Committees must provide strategic guidance to our lower structures. We must all focus on the bigger picture of mobilising the people to win elections.”

President Mnangagwa said all party activities should centre towards retaining the mandate to govern.

He said individually and collectively, the party membership had a sacred responsibility to defend the revolution, which saw many sons and daughters of Zimbabwe losing their lives.

“Let us never lose sight of this. All our activities and focus must be towards mobilising the electorate to register and vote for Zanu PF right from the President down to councilors at ward level,” he said.

“I specifically challenge the Youth and Women’s League to align with their various associates to aggressively roll out membership and voter mobilisation activities. The Key Result Area for us all is getting as many people as possible to register and ultimately vote for a Zanu PF victory in 2023. The party leadership must take a keen interest and facilitate our people to acquire national civil registration documents. The inspection of the voters roll for the delimitation exercise will be conducted over the period 17 to 26 July and the party must be alive to this exercise. Similarly, focus should be on resoundingly winning in the forthcoming by-elections, which include those to be held in Gokwe-Kabuyani constituency on 27 August 2022.”

President Mnangagwa urged continued unity within the party, saying bickering and personality clashes would ultimately cost the party voters.

“Leaders must go down to the people. I expect more visibility of the party leadership at the grassroots level. Let us immerse ourselves with the people and explain the current state of affairs to them,” he said.

He said the successful restructuring of the women and youth leagues through elective conferences was a good omen for the party ahead of next year’s elections.

Focus, he said, should now shift to ensuring a successful elective conference for veterans of the liberation struggle, building up to the main wing congress later this year.

“The success of the conferences demonstrate that the party is a juggernaut that can never be stopped. We are marching forward to a thunderous 2023 election victory. No opposition, in whatever form, can ever stop our colossal revolutionary Zanu PF party,” he said.

“Our party will continue to consolidate our revolutionary and economic gains, for the good of the majority of our people. We will never apologise for being a people centered party, a party from the people and for the people. We are the only party with a revolutionary history, a plan for the present and a clear vision for the prosperous future of our great motherland, Zimbabwe.”
New Ziana

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