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President urged to fire criminals, lazy government officials


Kwekwe(New Ziana) – The Kwekwe business community has appealed to President Emmerson Mnangagwa to fire non-performing officials and suspected criminals in government, accusing them of derailing development in the country.

The call was made by Business Economic and Empowerment Forum (BEEF) president, Dr Solomon Matsa at a Kwekwe business indaba which was graced by President Mnangagwa at a local hotel on Friday.

The Kwekwe business community said it fully supported the government’s economic policies, and will do all its powers to play a positive role.

Dr. Matsa urged Zimbabweans to appreciate the hard work and the efforts being done by President Mnangagwa and the government to revive the economy.

“We call on the President to tell him that we are with him and we are going to work on his programmes but we want him to fire all the lazy people and all the criminals in the government who don’t want to work.

“People talk policies every day and the President makes policies in a swift and shortest possible time but when it comes to implementation, we are having challenges President out there with your executives, they don’t want to implement what you are saying,” the BEEF president said.

Kwekwe Business Association chairperson, Thakor Patel urged Zimbabweans to take advantage of business opportunities created by the Second Republic.

“Let us see what the challenges are and what we can cease on and improve our businesses. The opportunities are enormous, this is the first time in three years since independence that the market is open to everyone.

“Government is able to give you assistance, banks are there to provide you with loans and the land is available for you to farm, so you need to take advantage, we must not complain too much about our challenges, we must face the challenges, find solutions and move forward.”

Patel hailed the Second Republic for providing food to the masses who were affected by drought.

He praised the infrastructural development programmes being under taken by the Second Republic through Devolution Funds and Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme which are guided by the National Development Strategy (NDS 1).

Patel appealed to Zimbabweans to be patriotic, united, and not demonize the country but to work together in unity and harmony.

Local businessman Darryl Coetzee said Zimbabwe will be self sufficient in milk by 2025 and will not be importing milk products.

He said the dairy industry is currently importing $30 to $40 million worth of milk products.

“His Excellency’s vision is to become self sufficient, we need to be self sufficient we cannot be importing basic commodities, as a private sector we are going to drive this, come 2025 we will become self sufficient in milk,” said Coetzee.

A representative of Youth in Business, Enock Ncube said the body will come up with programmes that promote behavioral change and economic development among its members in line with Vision 2030.

He said Empower Bank has positively impacted the lives of young entrepreneurs in the country.

“As youths, we have taken heed to your clarion call against drug abuse. In support of your call, we will join hands with relevant stakeholders in advocacy against this unacceptable malpractice,” he said.
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