President Mnangagwa raps opposition led local authorities


Harare(New Ziana) –Opposition councilors do not have an affinity to improve the quality of life of residents, but instead abuse their positions to enrich themselves, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said on Monday.

He said this at the burial of Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution for Harare, Oliver Chidawu who died last week.

President Mnangagwa said, in particular, the current crop of Harare City councilors was destroying the legacy built by Chidawu who served as Harare mayor in the ’80s.

“At the age of thirty, in 1984, the late National Hero was elected Mayor of the City of Harare. His visionary leadership transformed the Capital City to earn the accolade, ‘Sunshine City’. During his tenure, the Harare City Council provided high quality and reliable services to residents,” he said.

“It is most unfortunate that the achievements and legacy of the likes of the late Engineer Chidawu have been ruined by the current crop of City of Harare councilors. These opportunists have no affinity to improve the quality of life of our people and instead continue to abuse their public positions for personal expediency.

“This trend should not be allowed into the future. Residents in our urban areas must take back their power by voting for men and women with vision, ingenuity and an unwavering passion to serve in public office.”

He added; “The current rot in Harare and other local authorities, under opposition parties, must be brought to an end. The 2023 harmonised general elections present a yawning opportunity for rate payers to correct the misnomer of having rogue and insensitive characters running our urban councils. Residents are challenged to end the decadence within our urban local authorities by voting for Zanu PF men and women who are firmly rooted in the people-centred ethos of our colossal mass revolutionary Party.”

President Mnangagwa said the void left by Chidawu would be difficult to fill, given that he had exhibited maturity and vision during his tenure as Minister of Provincial Affairs for Harare.

He said Chidawu’s openness, frankness and predisposition for innovative ideas saw him providing the requisite leadership towards turning the capital into a modern city.

It was during his tenure that the New City Master Plan in Mount Hampden began to be rolled out.

A new Parliament building at the new Central Business District has already been completed, while construction of a multi-million-dollar Cyber City is expected to start soon, following a ground breaking ceremony last week.

“Going forward, more projects will be rolled out towards the modernisation of the City of Harare as well as the development of the New City in Mount Hampden. The implementation of the New City Master Plan is set to breathe new economic lifelines in Harare and the national economy as a whole. I, thus, call upon the City of Harare council to ride on these developments to accelerate their Vision for Harare to achieve “World Class City Status by 2025.”

“I further challenge those serving in our Local Authorities to implement their respective programmes and projects, always guided by the national interest and our collective quest to lift many of our people out of poverty, into prosperity,” he said.

Meanwhile, President Mnangagwa said Chidawu, who was a businessman of repute, performed beyond expectation and became a true champion of black economic empowerment and emancipation.

“In spite of the spread of the business footprints of the late comrade Chidawu on the economic landscape of our country, he never abused his positions or used the companies he was associated with to arm twist or manipulate our socio-economic environment, for his own personal gain.

“He was a dependable and trustworthy businessman. I, therefore, challenge established and the emerging crop of business persons to learn from the character, ethics, integrity and professional conduct of our late National Hero, comrade Chidawu. Personal wealth should never be sought after at the expense of our beloved motherland, Zimbabwe,” he said.

“In the passing on of Engineer Chidawu, the nation has been robbed of a practical, intelligent, unassuming, business champion and hardworking man. The late National Hero strongly believed in building a truly Zimbabwean economy that caters for the needs of the ordinary people of our great country. He not only built a vast business empire, in sectors that have driven the national economy, but also contributed, immensely, to the strategic growth of many entities in both the private and public sectors.”

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