President applauds young Zimbabweans for contributing to development


Kwekwe (New Ziana) -President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Thursday applauded young Zimbabweans for contributing towards attainment of the national vision of attaining an upper middle income economy by 2030.

Speaking after visiting Kwekwe companies Intrachem and Dendairy, President Mnangagwa said the younger generation was playing a pivotal role in the development of the country.

He said the new Intrachem factory, which manufactures explosives, had been opened by young Zimbabwean engineers who are working in South Africa who were attracted to invest back home by the conducive environment which the government has put in place.

“The new factory that has come in is predominantly owned by our young engineers who are responding to the Second Republic’s call for value addition and producing services and goods for our needs,” he said.

President Mnangagwa said many young Zimbabweans were embracing the government’s vision to industrialize and modernize the economy.

“They have set up a factory worth US$7 million and they are also expanding. They are saying that the market is huge and they are unable to satisfy it, but they are also covering countries like Zambia and Democratic Republic of Congo. We have told them that as Government, we will continue to support them to expand in that field.”

President Mnangagwa said he was also pleased with the Coetzee family, who are predominantly dairy farmers but set up a state-of-the-art dairy factory in Kwekwe.

“I have been away for 10 years. Today they are producing a number of products designed for different clients. Producing for our community with equipment that is state-of-the-art technology.

“We are extremely excited with the progress, in fact what makes us happy as Government is the response we are getting from our people who are embracing the concept of science and technology and innovation, enhancing that vision.

“The younger generation has so much talent and we can tap that talent to develop the country. In five to 10 years from now Zimbabwe will be totally different and at the apex,” he said.

Industry and Trade Minister Dr Sekai Nzenza said the government thrust was to industrialize, modernize, bringing technology and create employment.

Dendairy director Darel Coetzee said they had recently upgraded their factory to the tune of US$20 million.

Coetzee said they could now produce up to 10 million liters per month from around 4 million.

Intrachem managing director Langton Nyandoro said they were now assembling detonators locally which previously were being imported South America.

He said with the new plant they are now able to assemble more to meet the requirements of both local and regional markets.
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