Zimbabweans urged to honour liberation heroes


Gweru (New Ziana) -The Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution in the Midlands province Senator Larry Mavima has urged Zimbabweans to honour and pay tribute to gallant sons and daughters who liberated the country from the racist colonial regime.

On Monday 8 August, about 10 000 people are expected to throng Mkoba Stadium in Gweru for the provincial Heroes Day celebrations while 15 00 people are expected at the Gweru provincial heroes acre the following day.

Senator Mavima said a number of activities have been lined for the Heroes Day celebrations where the Zimbabwe Defence Forces will have mass displays including marching skills as well as other activities they encounter in a combat situation.

“As far as Heroes Day, we will merely go and pay our tribute to the fallen heroes at our provincial heroes acre in Gweru. We hope that not only family members of the fallen heroes who lie there will come but all other Zimbabweans will come and pay gratitude to the fallen heroes…,” he said.

Sen. Mavima said the Heroes and Defence Forces days are of major significance to Zimbabweans as they will be honouring the brave sons and daughters that sacrificed their lives to free Zimbabwe “and to have the Zimbabwe that we want to day”.

“These were young people then that crossed the border willingly to go and join other comrades who had crossed the border before to be trained as soldiers so that they can come back and fight the racist colonial regime that was dominating in Zimbabwe that time.

“So, we honour them and we must always remember them that there are people that sacrificed their lives so that we can enjoy the life we are enjoying today, we can enjoy the freedom that we have today,” said the Minister of State.

He said the Zimbabwe Defence Forces is the cornerstone of the nation’s security.

“There are the people that guarantee our sovereignty in case Zimbabwe is under attack either from internal forces or from external forces. There are people who are dedicated to defend their country and the sovereignty of Zimbabwe.

“The importance of recognising them is that they are people at any given point in time who can be called upon to go and serve their nation either internally or outside,” said Sen. Mavima.
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