No primary elections for CCC candidates


Gweru (New Ziana) – The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) will not hold primary elections to choose candidates to represent it in next year’s elections, a senior member of the party in Midlands has said.

Speaking during a members’ consultative and 2023 elections candidates selection meeting in Ward 1, Gweru, former Gweru mayor Josiah Makombe said the CCC would no longer hold primary elections but will choose candidates through a consultative process that will result in consensus.

Makombe also took the opportunity to throw his name in the ring for next year’s parliamentary elections.

Currently receiving a backlash for failing to come up with structures, Makombe said the CCC had decided to do away with primary elections as they had resulted in infiltration.

“We have changed formula and we are now doing consultations. We used to count our support without scrutinizing who our real members are but we have changed.

“We will have village street point persons who will recruit people. It is from these recruited people and general members who will have a say on who they want their candidate to be,” he said.

Makombe said candidate selection will be citizens based and candidates profiling was currently taking place to identify who can represent the party.

“You will be given candidates who will represent you from consultations that will be done. It is those that will be popular or loved by the people who will represent the party,” said former Urban Councils Association of Zimbabwe president.

Makombe also took time to canvas support from ward 1 CCC members in his quest to represent the party in the 2023 parliamentary elections.

He said current legislator Brian Dube had betrayed the struggle by changing allegiance to the Douglas Mwonzora led MDC-T.

Makombe’s declaration sets up a potentially intriguing battle with Dube and the ruling party ZANU PF’s candidate.

“The party will consult some of you on who you want to represent you as Member of Parliament and I am also interested in that post. Others will also come to you asking for your support but you should remember me,” he said.

Makombe fired a salvo at incumbent Gweru mayor and Ward 1 councilor Hamutendi Kombayi for crossing the floor to Mwonzora.

He said Kombayi was advocating for the conferment of freedom of the city to President Emmerson Mnangagwa something he said he would oppose.

Ward 1 CCC members were introduced to council aspiring candidates who included Ronnie Kanyama, Robson Mugwagwa, Sydney Hove, David Mashingaidze and First Clepaton Chundu.

The former Gweru Mayor told the aspiring candidates to canvas for support from members but should know that the final decision for would participate in the elections rests with the party.

The use of consensus in democratic processes has been discouraged as it is associated with dictatorship.

Makombe who was recalled late last year by Mwonzora for sympathizing with the Nelson Chamisa led CCC, however bounced back as a councilor in by-elections held this year when he ran on a CCC ticket.
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