President Mnangagwa applauds business sector


Harare (New Ziana) – President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Monday commended the local business sector for the role it is playing in helping government stimulate economic growth through development blueprints such as the National Development Strategy 1.

Speaking at the Heroes Day commemorations, President Mnangagwa said despite the various shocks, Zimbabwe’s economy had transitioned from recovery to growth, with 4.6 percent projected economic growth for 2022.

He said the growth trajectory was anchored on the mining, manufacturing, construction and tourism sectors.

“The onus rests with every individual and corporate to protect our economy from saboteurs and currency manipulators,” he said.

“I commend our local companies for their commitment to realise targets outlined in the National Development Strategy. They have certainly become present day heroes in their own right and a reflection of the development that can be achieved by a people who are united and focused.

“The private sector is commended for heeding my call on the need to take development to the people. This has seen new factories in the rural areas as we accelerate rural industrialisation.”

President Mnangagwa said the resilient and warrior spirit of the country’s forebearers, should spur present generations to become innovators, builders, explorers, and enterprising traders.

“As we converge at this sacred National Shrine, we therefore stand emboldened by the spirit of our heroes to bravely face, head-on, those who seek to do harm to our people and beloved motherland, Zimbabwe. Our history is one of deep-seated patriotism, perseverance and ultimately victory. We never give up; we never surrender,” he said.

“We are marching on and consolidating our unity, peace and freedom in fulfilment of the collective aspirations and vision of our heroes and heroines. Yester-year gallant men and women selflessly chose to join the liberation struggle against the oppressive colonial white settler regime. Forty-two years after the raising of our sacred National Flag, we remain motivated to ultimately transform Zimbabwe into a modern, industrialised and prosperous society.”

President Mnangagwa added; “In line with my administration’s commitment to uphold the democracy bequeathed to us by our fallen heroes and heroines; Zimbabwe is unrelenting in its pursuit to entrench constitutionalism, the rule of law, good governance and respect for human rights.

“The heroes we honour fought for the democracy and the equal access to justice we are enjoying as a country. Let us therefore, individually and collectively, protect it from all forms of abuse and desecration, more so by those who never came to our help during the brutal oppressive years under white settler colonial regime. Albeit, as a peace-loving nation, Zimbabwe, is a friend to all and an enemy to none. Let us carry the baton as heroes and heroines of this period, right from within our communities. Every one of us are enjoined to play their part. There can be no spectators.”

President Mnangagwa said a broad array of programmes across various sectors were being implemented by government to enhance the lives of Zimbabweans.

In the agriculture sector for example, he said production and productivity would see the Pfumvudza/Intwasa programme being expanded and fortified, with beneficiaries increasing from 1.8 million to 3 million households.

He said food security was key given the current geopolitical developments that have resulted in food shortages and inflation.

“Inspired by the resilient spirit of yester-year heroes, let us continually strive to produce all the food we eat to guarantee our dignity as an independent people. No Zimbabwean should be subjected to abuse and ridicule by subversive NGOs on the pretext of food aid.”

Regarding the welfare of workers, President Mnangagwa said government would continue to explore new and innovative ways of improving the working conditions of the civil service.

“Various monetary and non-monetary measures are being intensified for the benefit of the patriotic public workers of our country. Additionally, robust training programmes are being rolled out to inculcate a new work culture that is grounded on our rich liberation and heritage-based ideology, which is uniquely Zimbabwean.”
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