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Cannibal kills mum, eats her flesh


SOMETHING bizarre happened in Bindura yesterday morning that left the community shell-shocked and numbed.
A 19 year-old Trojan man turned cannibal after he killed his mother and ate her flesh.
The gruesome incident happened on Wednesday afternoon at house number 206 Section Seven (7) when the man committed the act.
The man allegedly licked the blood of his 55-year-old mother as she was dying.
Eyewitnesses alleged that as the man bludgeoned his mother he issued a chilling warning declaring that her death was just a highlight of what to come next. What, however, he did not realise was that he was the next to die later the same day at around 10am.
Eyewitnesses identified the son as Regis Ruza and his mother as Dorcas Chigudhu. His lethal weapon was a metal bar but apparently unsatisfied with the work of the metal bar, he went for a kitchen knife, with which he stabbed her several times on Wednesday.
He then proceeded to horrify members of the public as he began to lick her blood gushing out of her nose, mouth and the back of the head while mounted on her.
All this time he was shouting that he was “Musa”.
A neighbour and witness to the horror scene, Agnes Dzidzi, who spoke to Nehanda Guardian said she tried to refrain Ruza from killing his mother but that fear overcame her and sought safety in fleeing the scene.
She described the late Dorcas Chigudhu as “a virtuous woman, very quiet and respectful”.
Dzidzi explained: “She lived peacefully with her family. Ruza was also a very cool boy; he did not take drugs or beer. He was always with his parents – going together to Johanne Masowe Nguwo Chena.”
Dzidzi said she saw Ruza murdering his mother but could not stop him. As she fled to the local police base, she said, she informed other neighbours. There was no one at the police station.
“I then ran to inform officers manning the Bindura –Trojan roadblock, who then accompanied me but we could not apprehend him.
“He was very powerful; he was charging like a hyena with saliva dripping from his mouth.
“Had it not been that police called armed reinforcement, he was not going to be arrested,” she added.
Ruza was taken to Bindura Hospital for treatment but they could not get a tranquiliser to calm him down immediately.
The Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service came to the hospital’s rescue and provided the injection, and he calmed down.
However, at around 10am he was found dead in police cells where he was held after receiving treatment at the hospital.
According to police spokesperson, Inspector Milton Mundembe, it was discovered that while in custody, Regis had pierced himself through the wrist and bled profusely.

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