Mozambique cancels ban on Russian shipping companies, ships


Maputo (AIM-New Ziana) -THE Mozambican Customs authority has withdrawn a service order that granted a request from the United States government to bar from its ports, 7 Russian shipping companies and 69 Russian ships that are the target of sanctions.

The cancellation, made eight days after the order was issued, was in line with Mozambique’s position of neutrality in the conflict.

“For the general knowledge of all officials of these services, customs brokers and other interested parties, it is communicated that Service Order No. 16/AT/DGA/900/2022, of 18 August, 2022, is without effect,” reads part of the document, dated August 26 this year and signed by the director-general of customs, Aturai Tsama.

The US authorities had requested Mozambique to refuse access to its ports as well as for its maritime and financial industry to deny services “to seven shipping companies and 69 ships of the Russian Federation targeted by sanctions adopted by the US” that it said were allegedly involved in harmful activities and associated with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Mozambique has been neutral in the Russia-Ukraine conflict after it called for dialogue and has abstained from voting in the United Nations General Assembly, which condemned the war being waged by Russia.

Russia and Mozambique enjoy strong bilateral ties dating back to the war against Portuguese colonial occupation when the governing Frelimo party received military training and logistical support from Moscow.

AIM-New Ziana

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