MCAZ warns public against unregistered cancer medicines


Harare – (New Ziana) –The Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) on Tuesday warned the public against using a trending herbal medicine, Superlife Total Care (STC30), which is said to cure cancer and numerous other ailments, as it has not been tested and approved for use in the country.

STC30 is being advertised mainly on social media, with proprietors claiming that it has healing powers against cancer, a disease that is claiming many lives in Zimbabwe.

But, the MCAZ advised the public to desist from buying medicines from unregistered premises and persons to protect their health.

“Superlife Total Care (STC30), a trending herbal medicine on social media, is illegal for it has not been registered with the Authority,” it said.

“Superlife Total Care and many similar products with their numerous medicinal and health claims make them registrable products. However, STC30 is currently not registered and not approved for sale in Zimbabwe. As the Authority we have noted the continued advertising and marketing of STC30 products especially on social media,” MCAZ acting director Richard Rukwata said in a statement.

“We urge members of the public to desist from buying such products which have not gone through any clinical trials and therefore their safety and efficacy has not been proven. Members of the public are encouraged to buy medicines from registered premises and persons. These lists can be found on the online register found on our website.”

Rukwata added; “The continued marketing and advertising of such unregistered “medicinal” products is not only an act of criminality but also puts the lives of the citizens at risk. As the Authority responsible for protecting public and animal health, MCAZ enforces adherence to standards by manufacturers and distributors and will exercise its statutory mandate against these perpetrators of these criminal acts.”

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