Sites of tourist attractions


By Liberty Mutamba

CULTURAL; shrines in Matabeleland South, which have been lying idle for several years, can be transformed into tourist attractions, with renowned researchers calling on the Government to protect and upgrade Nsimbi caves, Libalaudo Rocks Garanyemba among others as a stepping stone to generate revenue for the province and nation.
Realising the potential to have community-based tourist attractions centre a business researcher Raymond Mauba has called on the Government to fund and create a good environment around those areas to attract tourists.
“We can raise revenue from tourists from our heritage sites. We are appealing to the Government to standardise these places so that they look attractive and lure tourists. Mauba is running an association, Gwanda Cultural Artifacts, where he markets traditional artifacts to foreigners.
A member of Gwanda Cultural Artifacts, David Mupatsi applauded Mauba for his efforts.
“I was taught by my father to craft all these artifacts as a way to conserve nature. We had a challenge in marketing our products until Mauba linked us with foreigners to whom we sell our products,” said Mupatsi.

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