Transport Ministry, residents erect speed humps at black spot


Kennedy Mutore

GWERU — Hertfordshire and Northgate Heights residents have partnered the Transport and Infrastructure Development Ministry to construct speed humps at the Hertfordshire turnoff along the Gweru-Harare highway, where three people have been run over by cars in recent weeks.
To prevent more such accidents, residents approached the Transport Ministry for the construction of speed humps on the black spot.
Transport Ministry engineers confirmed that work on the construction of humps would begin in earnest.
Hertfordshire resident, Enoch Fundira called upon responsible authorities to erect road signs warning motorists to reduce speed when approaching the low density suburb.
“We also urge police to intermittently mount road blocks around the area for motorists to reduce speedy as we have lost so many lives now.
“If authorities can assist by putting road signs, inserting grids, zebra crossings at the now black spot, residents would be grateful,” Fundira said.
A survey done by this publication revealed that all accidents have been caused by traffic coming in to Gweru.
The latest victim was identified as Miriam Simuyane, who was run over by a car last week.
Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said Victor Muraga (37) of Mkoba, Gweru was driving an Isuzu single cab with two passengers on board.
Upon approaching the 264 km peg he failed to have proper look out and hit Simuyane who was crossing the road and sustained serious head injuries, fractured legs and bruises all over the body and died on the spot.
Insp. Mahoko appealed to members of the public to exercise maximum caution and adhere to all road traffic regulations.

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