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Women support breast cancer awareness marathon


By Rutendo Chigiya

CHINHOYI – WOMEN in the town overwhelmingly supported the breast cancer awareness initiative, as many turned up and participated in the half-marathon held at Chinhoyi Showgrounds.
The marathon, organised by the Mashonaland West Show Society, attracted people, who were mostly women.
The Breast Cancer Awareness Marathon was to make people aware of breast cancer, which is the second common cancer among women in Zimbabwe.
Most women participated in the 5km walking race.
Dolis Magwaro came first in a time of 48 minutes, followed by Chiedza Mapfumo and Noxoliso Moyo.
“This is the first time, I just felt like participating, I do not know much about breast cancer but I know it is a deadly disease. To all the breast cancer patients out there my message is, pray to God for healing. Be patient one day you are going to receive the healing that you need,” said Monalisa Kundishora, a participant in the 5km race.
Women should take a leading role in such events as breast cancer affects mostly women.
Besides having fun, the participants in the marathon were also advocating for breast cancer awareness during the race.
Memory Chitiyo, another 5km walking race participant, said: “This race yauya vanhu vashoma but kuva a few zvave neimpact because patanga tichiita the race people would pay attention to us vobvunza kuti chii then tovaudza about breast cancer.”
Women supported the breast cancer awareness marathon because it affected some of them.
One of the women said: “Mai vangu vakafa nebreast cancer nekuti vakanonokerwa kuenda kunorapwa so pandakanzwa nezve breast cancer awareness ndazviudza kuti handisi kusara.”
Some of the women even brought their partners to the marathon, making them aware of breast cancer.