BUSE develops Masawu flavoured Yoghurt


Staff Reporter

AS part of its effort to support and supplement Government’s rural industrialisation thrust, Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE), in collaboration with the National Biotechnology Authority, has developed food products based on Masawu and Tamarind.
Masawu fruits are highly nutritious with Vitamin C content, higher than that of oranges, nonetheless their value chain is under- developed.
Professor Eddie Mwenje, BUSE Vice Chancellor said; “The project is envisaged to expand the range and availability of Masawu based products, create employment, along the Masawu value chain.”
To date, the university has developed several Masawu value added products including non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, Masawu flavoured yoghurt, Masawu powder syrup and tablets rich in Vitamin C.
The Masawu fruit is the most common wild fruit in Mashonaland Central Province, mainly in the semi-arid Dande Valley.

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