Second Chiredzi man jailed for brother’s murder


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FOR the second time in as many weeks, a 26-year-old Chiredzi man who bludgeoned his elder brother to death with a machete in a fit of drunken rage has been jailed for an effective 18 years by a High Court Judge in Masvingo.
Aramu Muzimba of Muguyaka Village, Chief Sengwe, offered a guilty plea to a lesser charge of culpable homicide after portraying himself as the victim who had acted in self defence when on August 24 last year, he murdered his brother, Menias Muzimba, who was 31 years at the time.
After a full trial however, Justice Garainesu Mawadze sitting with assessors, Mavis Chademana and Graeme Nish, convicted Aramu of murder with constructive intent pointing out that self defence was not available to him. The court dismissed Aramu’s defence outline as a complete fabrication and a sign that he was not remorseful.

Aramu hacked Menias to death while they walked home in a single file from a Njemani beer drink, a popular traditional brew made from cut giant reeds (murara) reputed to be lethal, around 7pm.
A third brother, Biliath Muzimba, (29), walked in the middle of the two to prevent them from coming together as they were having a serious misunderstanding.
Three other colleagues they were drinking the highly intoxicating Njemani beer with, were walking further behind.

Aramu was unhappy with Menias, whom he accused of snitching on him, resulting in his arrest for the theft of some goats, a crime which landed him in jail for three months.
Along the way, Aramu produced a machete from his trousers and struck Menias twice on the head instantly fracturing his skull, and once on the back. Menias fell to the ground bleeding profusely and died a short while later at the scene.
Biliath grabbed Aramu’s hands and wrestled him to the ground but had to let go and run for his life with Aramu who was threatening to kill him and later their parents, in hot pursuit.
When Aramu failed to catch up with Biliath, he disappeared from the scene and escaped to Mozambique, where he was arrested three days later with the assistance of the Mozambican law enforcement authorities.

In his defence Aramu, who was represented by Johannes Ruvengo of Ruvengo Maboke and Company, claimed that it was Menias, who took issue with him for causing his arrest for stock theft. On the fateful day, he claimed Menias had also taken his R200, proceeds from the sale of Njemani beer. Menias then attempted to strike him with a machete when he demanded his money back as they walked home.
Emmanuel Mathose appeared for the State.

The previous week, Justice Mawadze jailed another Chiredzi man to an effective eight years for the murder of his brother for attempting to chastise him after he threatened to beat up his mother.
Their mother had earlier on intervened and prevented him from assaulting his wife, while both men were drunk.

Forget Chirhilele of Ngomani Village, Chief Tshovani, however, escaped with a lesser culpable homicide charge after the court established that the deceased, Kazamula Chirhilele had assaulted Forget with a log.

In self defence, Forget grabbed a 26cm long knife from a utensils rack at the homestead and stabbed Kazamula three times under the armpit, on the shoulder and the chest, resulting in his death a while later.

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