Trust celebrates second anniversary


Stakeholders at the NFT second Anniversary celebrations

By Sipho Maphosa
NKOMWA Foundation Trust (NFT) a Matabeleland South-based organisation with the mandate of uplifting the lives of people with disabilities in Gwanda District and beyond recently commemorated its second anniversary, during which several stakeholders lauded the institution for changing lives of several people with disabilities.
A representative from District Development Co-ordinator’s Office, Sithokozile Nyathi, said NFT had made it possible for the disabled to be noticeable in Gwanda District and other places around Matabeleland South.
“The NFT has made it possible for the physically disabled people to be noticeable here in Gwanda. Not only here in town but also in rural areas.
“We would like to give a round applause for that and we noticed that they have donated several assistive devices such as walking sticks, wheelchairs as well as sourcing food staff for the needy. In addition, they have facilitated in educating those with disabilities by sourcing funds for their education.
“We also noticed that they have given social protection for a number of places, where we found that there have been reports made on abuse. I would like to congratulate you for the good job you are doing for Gwanda District, concerning people with disabilities (PWD’s) and we wish you a happy anniversary,” she said.
NFT board chairperson, Reverend Saul Botoman, said he was happy with strides made by the organisation so far and paid tribute to the founder and director of the trust, Pick Nkomwa.
“Today is a special day for NFT as we have reached exactly two years. As the board Chairperson, I feel humbled to be part of the event. On this occasion I recall with the gratitude the initiative of the founder, Mr. Nkomwa, who not only set up this disability organisation in Gwanda District but who had a vision of making the organisation go national.
“Today is a day of celebration, and celebrating the achievements that NFT managed to accomplish. Therefore, celebrated achievements can never be celebrated alone, the project is for the community and all are invited to see where we are.
“Furthermore, we are the future projection and I’m informing you that all the muscles being celebrated today are through the support of Gwanda people and the future of this project is in the hands of the community to change the narrative of all the lives of PWDs in the district. We thank the Gwanda Community and I humble myself before the Community leadership for their continuous support in NFT programmes,” said the board chairperson.
He said that the organisation was working towards operating as a Private Voluntary Organisation (PVO) from being a Trust.
“I would like to thank the Disability umbrella body Federation of the Organisation of Disabled People in Zimbabwe (FODPZ) and the various stakeholders, fellow board members for their technical support who have been active in participating in vital agendas.
“I appreciate all the employees for the commendable performance even in the face of adversity to all our project participants and care givers. Thank you once again for trusting us gathered today as we share this moment. Through teamwork and dedication, each one of you have contributed in carrying this organisation so far and it must not stop,” he said.
Federation of the Organisation of Disabled People in Zimbabwe (FODPZ) National Director Leonard Marange said: “NFT is a one of the youngest members in FODPZ, having been registered in October 2020, today marks a milestone for the youthful yet dynamic and passionate organisation. Although we have members that are mature of age in terms of registration over the past nine months, we have observed with the great pride the plethora of the achievements that have been accomplished by NFT. Our mandate as FODPZ is lobby an advocate with PWDs as well as to bring together amplified, unified voices of members of PWDs.”
“Currently Mr. Pick Nkomwa is the chairperson of FODPZ of Matabeleland South. He has utmost dedication and proved that he is beyond capable of co-ordinating activities for not only for the province but at national level.”
Nkomwa said the organisation’s success story so far could not have been possible without the support of several stakeholders.
He also chronicled what the organisation has done so far.
“We have managed to provide assistive devices to more than 50 people who were in need and also managed to help young people with disabilities from the district in enrolling at Jairos Jiri Association vocational training centre and as of now we have 15 children who are training in various courses that include technology, horticulture and many more.
“We give credit to various stakeholders who helped us a lot in issues to do with sign language. Also academy, which came all the way from Harare to hold sign language workshop training on several occasions.
“So far we managed to capacitate over 2000 people from the district and beyond trying to break the communication barrier in sign language within the community.
“We also managed to capacitate care givers and parents on various projects they are undertaking so that they can be able to take care of our young PWDs help our young children. So far, we have covered 21 wards and we hope after this second year we will be able to cover the 34 wards,” he said.
Ropafadzo Gumbo, a beneficiary of NFT programmes said: “I’m so happy to celebrate this function with NFT. I’m able to do what I want, I go to school and play with others therefore disability is not inability. When I grow up, I want to be a hairdresser. To those who are home, I say let’s go to school.”

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