A 17 year old seeks medical help after being beaten by “invisible things.”

By Lessely lee Chimushonga

A 17-year-old boy from Lukhosi , Change ward under Chief Nekatambe is seeking medical care from injuries he sustained after being attacked by ‘ invisible things.’
The boy Israel Ncube who has a hearing and speech impediment has a huge wound on his left arm which he said started after and assault by invisible things.
According to the mother Siso Ndlovu the boy was attacked by invisible creatures after he had gone to check on the cattle in the pastures.
“I left Israel to check on the cattle, he came saying something had beaten him, I did not take him seriously but I was disturbed when after a few hours I was called that my boy is not well.”
“When I checked on him, there was a small scratch on his left arm as it was swollen. I later took him to the hospital but the nurses didn’t see anything on the hand,” said the mother.
From there the scratch developed into a wound rendering the arm useless. He now can no longer use his left arm as the wound is widening and deepening everyday.
Israel’s grandmother Trinity Chipembere also made efforts to take him to St Patricks hospital where they said his condition needs specialist attention.
“We really need help to find a cure for this young boy. He was a hard working boy but his condition has forced him to just sit at home and he has even lost weight,” said Chipembere.

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