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Two babies saved after dumping


By Samantha Sumani

TWO newly born babies were rescued alive in two separate incidents in Mashonaland Central Province over the weekend after they were reportedly dumped by their mothers.

Mashonaland Central police spokesperson, Sergeant Major Samuel Chikasha, confirmed on Monday that the first child was rescued in Shamva on Saturday around 7pm.

He said that on the day in question around 630pm, Constantine Munemo was walking from Takauya shops in Shamva going towards Energy Park service station when vehicle lights showed an object on the road.

Munemo approached the object and saw that it was a baby approximately three and half months old wearing cream clothes and a hat inscribed two names of a family and a cellphone number.

Munemo tried to contact the cell phone number but it was unreachable.

Munemo then took the baby to Shamva Police Station, where police officers made efforts to locate the baby’s parents through the numbers on the hat.

Fortunately, they found the baby’s mother, who after being arrested revealed that she abandoned the baby with the intention of having her run over by passing motor vehicles since she had difficulties in taking care of the baby.
The following day, on 30 October at around 5.30am, another child was rescued in Concession.

According to the police, Christiner Chitongasai was on her way to church when she saw a baby wrapped with a white wrapper along a footpath. The baby was facing downwards.

She tried to establish whether there was any adult person within the vicinity of where the baby had been left, but there was no one around or nearby.

She decided to take the baby to Dandamera Clinic for assistance. At the clinic she was, however, advised to proceed to Concession Police Station for further assistance.

Concession police attended the scene and the baby was taken to Concession District Hospital for medical examination and safe keeping.

Police are currently conducting investigations to determine the mother of the baby or the person who dumped the baby.

Sergeant Major Samuel Chikasha urged parents to engage the Department of Social Welfare for assistance in the event they were facing challenges in maintaining their children.

“We urge members of the public to desist from engaging in exposing infants as it is an offence under Section 108 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23,” he said.

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