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Makonde must show commitment to tackle drug abuse


By Bathel Shuro

CHINHOYI – THERE is need for stakeholders in Makonde to show commitment and to co-operate in dealing with the problem of drug abuse in the district.
This came up during an Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health (ASRH) and Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC) forum meeting held in the town last week.
Follow up issues were raised from the different presentations and the consensus was that all stakeholders should work together and fight the issue of the drug abuse.
“It was declared a national disaster, but on the ground what is there to show it’s a national disaster? Results of drug abuse are there kana tikatenderera tichifamba, but what is the action? Ngapaitwe sezvakangoitwa paCovid,” said an official from one of the organisations present.
According to the statistics presented at the meeting, Makonde was the least active district with one recorded drug abuse awareness campaign held at Kenzamba while Sanyati District had the highest figure reaching up to 17 campaigns during the third quarter.
However, National AIDS Council Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for Mashonaland West, Lloyd Mambudzi, said the statistics given were not accurate as some organisations had not submitted their reports.
“The statistics were not authentic and needed reassessment because other organisations had not submitted their reports, but the number is still less and action must be taken,” he said.
Mambudzi made the remark after Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) and the Family Aids Care Trust (FACT) had pointed out that they had conducted awareness campaigns during the third quarter.
Chinhoyi has a high number of drug abuse cases, but it has no rehabilitation centres and the effort being made to deal with the situation is not that visible.
“The victims are either referred to Harare because muChinhoyi hatina rehabilitation centres, but zvatiri kusiya ndezvekuti they can be referred to jail or to the grave,” said Mambudzi.
Counselling and life skills officer at Chinhoyi University of Technology, Nolene Makumbe, said that there was need for emergency solutions while pursuing the establishment of rehabilitation centres as something should be done while waiting for infrastructure.
“Let’s initiate an awareness campaign and also randomly pick those vatinenge taona vaka sticker tongotora toenda navo vono drainwa and stay there for some time vachibatsirwa.
“The law must also be active towards drug dealers because when arrested, you find them back on the street in no time,” she added.
Assistant Provincial Victim Friendly Unit Co-ordinator, Virginia Shari, also requested for help from the hospital while waiting for the establishment of rehabilitation centres.
“We need emergency solutions. Can’t we use the hospital panekuti mai voenda nemwana wavo vobatsirwa votonzi chidzokerai.”
Also of concern was the absence of key stakeholders, which affected effective planning and determination of the way forward. Departments that were absent were requested to take part in activities that build up a better community.

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