Psychiatric evaluation for employers’ killer


Own Reporter

THE High Court in Masvingo has referred a 41-year-old man, who bludgeoned his elderly employers to death with the back of an axe handle in Chief Murinye’s area in September last year, for psychiatric evaluation.
Justice Garainesu Mawadze referred Peter Tsuro of Matangira Village, Chief Neshangwe, Chivhu, for examination by a psychiatrist at Chikurubi Maximum Prison in Harare or any other competent psychiatrist to determine his state of mind at the time he committed the crime and whether he is fit to stand trial.
Justice Mawadze’s ruling followed an application by the State counsel, Mukai Mutume, who said it was the view of the State that Tsuro needed psychiatric assessment before the murder trial could proceed.
Tsuro was due to stand trial for the double murder of his elderly employers, 79-year-old Manson Chibanda and his wife, Masline Chibanda, (73), at their home in Mugovera Village, Chief Murinye in Masvingo, where he also lived and worked. He killed the elderly couple by smashing in their faces with the back of an axe handle soon after he arrived from a day-long beer drink at Chatikobo Business Centre.
Tsuro, who was employed to help the elderly couple with household chores, attacked his employers around 9.30pm.

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