Family exhumes relative’s remains from ‘talking’ grave


Kwekwe (New Ziana) – A Chipinge family has exhumed the remains of its relative from a “talking” grave in KweKwe for re-burial back home, 22 years after his death.

The exhumation of the remains of the unidentified man, from Amaveni cemetery, attracted scores of curious local onlookers, with some alleging the grave had been witnessed to ‘talk’ and ‘move.’

However, the unusual exercise was done by the relatives under the watchful eye of KweKwe city council staff, but both sides were tight-lipped about the exhumation.

A family representative only said the exhumation was above board and asked for privacy.

“As you can see the city council is here, the police, District Registra. We applied for this process. We want to bury our relative at our family shrine in our homestead in Chipinge, Manicaland. We ask for our privacy to be respected,” the spokesperson said.

The man, according to records, was buried at the cemetery in October 1999, and its unclear what has prompted the family to want to re-bury him back home in Chipinge.

But onlookers said the grave in Amaveni had been witnessed strangely ‘talking’ and ‘moving’ in the run-up and during exhumation.

“We heard there is a grave speaking at the cemetery. We heard that the grave is moving and talking demanding to go to Chipinge,” a witness said.

Local councillor for Amaveni, Charles Juta, said: “This is a family process. They applied to exhume the body of their relative for re-burial in Manicaland, Chipinge. The deceased was buried here in October 1999.”

In local African culture, an aggrieved deceased person is thought to possess powers to haunt the living, especially those who would have wronged them when they lived.
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