Madziwa FM radio struggles to take off


Madziwa (New Ziana) – Madziwa FM, one of several community radio stations licenced by the government around the country, is struggling to take off the ground due to funding challenges.

Programme manager for the radio station, Jack Nyarungwe said it had yet to secure a studio to operate from, among other challenges, and now fears the licence might be withdrawn.

A building which had been donated by Chaminuka District Council, as a possible studio, was condemned by experts, derailing the radio station’s plans to take off.

Extensive renovations of the building, including sound proofing the facility, were required before it could be converted into a studio, but the radio station has no money for the project.

As a result, Nyarungwe said Madziwa FM had teamed up with the local community to raise donations, in cash and kind, to get it off the ground.

He said the broadcasting equipment, which was donated, was already in hand, but lying idle.

Appeals have been made to the local community for cash donations of at least US$5 per household, and for builders and other related artisans to chip in with free labour.

The radio station’s licence comes up for review next April, a deadline fast drawing near.

As part of its community empowerment programme, the government set up several radio stations in marginal areas to help foster development and preserve cultural identity.
New Ziana

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