Lightning strikes church, kills congregant


Chirumhanzu (New Ziana) – A lightning bolt struck an Apostolic Church gathering at Vhudzi Business Centre on Saturday here, instantly killing one congregant and injuring several others.

An eyewitness, who narrowly escaped the unusual incident, said the deceased had her throat slit, and suffered severe head injuries and burns from the strike.

The congregant’s three children also suffered burns, on the stomach and legs, but survived the lightning bolt.

According to the eyewitness, who only suffered a sore shoulder from the strike, the bolt set the deceased’s headscarf alight, subsequently engulfing her whole head on fire.

Several other congregants were similarly burnt after their garments caught fire from the lightning bolt but survived.

The strike happened at 11 in the morning when a thunderstorm hit the area.

Police recovered the body of the deceased from the scene, while those injured were taken to hospital.

Fatal lightning strikes are common at the start of the rain seasons in October and November, and experts
often warn people to take precautions such as avoiding being in the open during storms.

But the Apostolic religious sect often ignores such warnings, and holds church sessions in the open, even when rains are falling.
New Ziana

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