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Mutoko clinic upgraded to hospital


Mutoko, (New Ziana) – Chindenga clinic in Mutoko is being upgraded into a hospital to be able to offer more and better health services.
The upgrade is being carried out by the local community in partnership with the Methodist Church, and involves construction of new medical facilities.
Among these are more than 15 hospital beds and a fully equipped maternity ward, facilities that were not there before.
Most of the new structures under construction are at window level, and completion of the project is expected mid next year.
The community is offering bricks and free labour, while the church is financing the project.
Until now, the clinic – which is in Ward 2 – only offered limited medical services which could no longer meet the needs of a growing community.
Provision of health and other social services is at the centre of the Second Republic’s development agenda, which has seen government invest tens of billions of dollars into the sector in the last four years.
It has also created ideal conditions, through policy reforms, for private players to come on board and invest in the provision of social services.

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